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Meet Our Industry Partner



Cocktails & Coffee


A full-service beverage company that specializes in providing beer, wine, spirits, mixers, and Barista services to all types of events in Pennsylvania.


We offer a wide variety of selections, for one all–inclusive per guest price, delivered right to your event.


We will set up, service, and strike. No more wasting time driving out of state to purchase, transport to, and from the venue and store at your home. No more worrying about over purchasing.


We Do It All with One Call!



Featuring Locally Distilled Boardroom Spirits (BRS)

Vodka:                        Gin:                     Rum:                                  Tequila:                  Whiskey:                     Scotch: 

- BRS                           - Irvine’s              - Ship’s Cat                        - Highlands           - BRS                            - Dewars

- BRS Citrus               - Bombay            - Calico Jack Spiced                                         - Seagram’s VO

- BRS Vanilla

Bourbon:                    Other:                                               Wines:                                                               Beers:

- Northbound             - Sweet & Dry Vermouth               - Crane Lake Cabernet Sauvignon                - Michelob Ultra

- Jim Beam                  - Triple Sec                                       - Spinelli Pinot Grigio                                      - Miller Lite

                                     - Peach Schnapps                           - Crane Lake Chardonnay                              - Corona Extra

                                     - Amaretto                                       - Spinelli Rose                                                  - Yuengling Lager

                                     - Brandy                                           - Prosecco

                                     - Sour Apple

                                     - BRS Espresso Martini 


Includes all spirits and wines listed in Package 1, plus:

Tito’s Vodka ● Tanqueray Gin ● Bacardi Rum ● Malibu Rum ● Jameson ● JWB ● Bulleit ● 1800 Silver Tequila

● Limoncello ● Kahlua ● Irish Cream ● White Claw

Select one additional Beer: Stella, Dogfish Head IPA, or Yards IPA


Includes all spirits listed in Package 2 plus:

● Stateside Vodka ● Bombay Sapphire ● Captain Mogan Spiced Rum ● Crown Royal ● Maker’s Mark ● Espolon

● Sweet & Dry Vermouth ● Peach Schnapps ● Triple Sec ● Amaretto ● Brandy ● Sour Apple

● Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon ● Crusher Merlot ● Unsorted Pinot Noir ● De Loach Chardonnay

● I Castelli Pinot Grigio ● Bogle Rose ● Stateside Hard Seltzer ● Stanford Brut

● Coor’s Light or Miller Lite ● Victory Prima Pils ● 2SP Delco Lager ● Sterling Pig “The Snuffler” IPA

2024-02-22 Franklin Commons Espresso Bar-0128.jpg

Included in your per-person price:

  • Transport, service and removal of your pre-selected beer, wine & spirits. 

  • Up to five-hours of beverage service. The bar closes 15 minutes prior to a 4–5-hour event.

  • RAMP Certified Bartender.

  • Off-premise catering permit.

  • License & Insurance

  • Mixers, Juice, Fruit Garnishes, Ice and containers to chill Beer & Wine.

  • Disposable Plastic Drinkware

Barista & Coffee Services

Full-service coffee & espresso packages to enhance your next special event. We have partnered with family-owned LeTish Coffee, Brooklyn NY featuring third-generation roasted coffee.


50 Guest Minimum, All Packages include:

• Experienced Barista
• Espresso Machine
• Selections include coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, americano,     hot tea, hot chocolate.
• Disposable Hot Cups & Stirrers
• LeTish Coffee
• Sweeteners
• Milk, Oat Milk, Skim and Half & Half
• Flavored Syrups
• Up to 2 hours of service. (additional charge for extra hours)

2024-02-22 Franklin Commons Espresso Bar-0066.jpg

Stylized Coffee Catering is the perfect way to upscale your event.

Your guests will love it!



Vanilla Vodka, Kahlua & Amaro to Create Espresso Martinis

Cordials to include

Grand Marnier, Amaretto, Brandy, Irish Cream, Sambuca & Frangelico


-Affogato Bar-
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Cocoa Powder, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sauce

-Cold Brew-

-Flavored Brewed Teas-
Hibiscus, Mint, Raspberry

-Fresh Squeezed Lemonade-

Farewell Gifts

LeTish Coffee, Decaffeinated or Espresso Blends,


available in mini mason jars or metal tins


Gifts that make a great

take-away for your guests to enjoy the next day.

2024-02-22 Franklin Commons Espresso Bar-0208.jpg

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